Beauty Pageant Dresses - How to dress to win

Three tips for a winning pageant look

Whether this is a first pageant, or if you are seasoned in the circuit, there are some strategies that might give you an edge over the competition. Take time to consider three valuable tips when preparing to compete against other women for these much-coveted titles, and take some advice from retailers and businesses that have been dressing women of all ages for beauty pageant competitions.

Three tips to consider include the following:

- Be distinct yet not too unique. A dress that is timelessly styled, though perhaps with some unconventional detailing is a better idea than a gown that pushes the boundaries of what is expected and anticipated at a pageant.

- Black is always an elegant choice. It is rare that women choose black in pageants typically, and there are some sensational styles that really spell out elegance and sophistication. Take a special look at some of the beautiful Alyce pageant dresses found online, for example.

- Just because it costs more doesn't mean it will be more beautiful. Sometimes the cost has little to do with the overall impact and impression that the dress makes on the stage. Look to the experts and those who have experience dressing women for pageants to determine the styles and shapes that will create the most alluring silhouette on the runway. These individuals know what the judges are looking for, and they will share their opinions when asked. Appreciate their input and try to not let your own personal tastes take too much of a stake in the apparel that might be the most practical for these competitions. While a bit of personal flair is definitely a good thing, there are some tried-and-true standards and some features that are revered and that really come to life on the pageant stage.

When investing time and money into these competitions, it pays to take some feedback from any professionals or former contestants who have a sense of what is and is not best-suited to competitive pageants. There are some amazing retail venues found online with a wide range of gowns and apparel that are perfect for an upcoming pageant. They will also be able to help incorporate these three tips into one winning look just for the contestant herself.

Proper Tattoo Etiquette and Fashion Tattoos

Yes, There Is Proper Etiquette for Getting Tattooed

While it may seem somewhat surprising, there is a proper etiquette that your tattoo artist expects you to abide by while you are getting inked. Gone are the days when a tattoo parlor was home to only the gruffest and toughest, and most tattooists today are artists in every sense of the word. In order to ensure that you and your artist both have the best tattooing experience possible, it is necessary for you to understand what is expected of you before you ever enter a tattoo parlor. Since the work that you will have done is permanent, it is absolutely vital that you are well-versed in the etiquette of the tattoo world.

Be Explicit With Your Request, Not Demanding

When you walk into a tattoo parlor, it is best to have a very clear idea of what you want for your tattoo. If you have a specific image in mind, try to bring in a high-resolution version of that image. If you have a general concept in mind, it is helpful to bring in some references that the artist can use in creating your tattoo. If you want to end up with the best-looking tattoo, allow the artist to give you some input on the final design. This is important because there are many occurrences in which an image that looks good on paper will not look good on your skin. Your artist is much more familiar with the medium than you are, so listen to their advice.

It is also important to avoid being demanding. Think of your tattoo more like a collaboration between you and the artist, as this will make you both feel better about the concept of the tattoo and about the end result.

Make an Appointment in Advance

Even when walk-ins are accepted at a tattoo parlor, you are much better off scheduling your appointment in advance. This will allow you to check out the tattoo parlor and meet the artist before you ever get tattooed. It will also give the artist plenty of time to work on creating your tattoo, making it much more likely that you receive a high-quality tattoo. It will also ensure that the artist will not be rushing to “squeeze you in,” or that you end up working with an artist whose skill set does not line up with the type of tattoo that you want.

Keep Your Breath Fresh

When you actually go through the process of getting tattooed, you are going to be in very close quarters with the artist. It is therefore important to ensure that your breath smells fresh and that you will not be offending your artist for the duration of the tattoo. While the majority of artists are professionals and will not mention it, they will be offended by it nonetheless. Carry some fresh breath spray with you, and use it before you enter the parlor.

Make It a Goal to “Sit Well”

One of the biggest compliments that you can receive from a tattoo artist relates to “sitting well.” This means that you did not complain or fidget throughout the tattoo, which makes the job of the artist much easier. You should know that there will be some discomfort, and you should make it a goal to make the job of the artist as easy as possible. When your tattoo is complete, thank your artist and make sure that you tip them well for their efforts in providing you with a permanent piece of artwork.

Fashion Tattoos

Fashion tattoos are rather like jewelry. Yes, they're on your body and they're permanent - but they're also permanent jewelry - art pieces that will stay with you forever.

Below is some photos showing you examples of what you can do with tattoos and just how fashionable they can be.

Fashion Models Vs High Fashion: An Essay

Last year I learned something interesting.

Fashion models (more often than not) don't actually care that much about "high fashion" or "fashion trends".

Basically they just wear normal clothes - well, normal clothes that fits them physically, if you can call that normal - and they really don't care which fashion company is paying them, so long as they are being well paid and treated well by the company.

But for their day to day clothes they are basically just wearing "casual fashion". Jeans, t-shirts. "Normal clothing" is every respect except maybe the size. Same goes with their makeup, often fashion models don't even wear makeup when they're not working.

Now you might think "Wait, so people are buying this stuff because fashion models are wearing them, but the models don't wear them in real life???"

Yep. That is correct.

Ironic, don't you think?

It is really the "beauty of advertising". And by beauty, I mean trickery.

Take this photo of supermodel Heidi Klum for example with a hamburger. Do you think for a second she actually ate the burger? Nope. She probably didn't even lick her fingers after touching it. In real life she probably would never eat a burger unless she was starving with hunger. (Because fashion models often have eating disorders that border on starvation.)

So then you might think "Wait, so if they're not wearing that stuff, why do people make such a big fuss about fashion?"

Well I have answer for that too, but for you to understand why you need to read the essay further below.

And if you are unwilling to read the essay, I say "What is wrong with you?! You read the rest of this blog post, how is an essay any different? It isn't even that long of an essay."


Why is Fashion Important?

By Cinnabelly, Toledo, Ohio

Fashion. When you hear that word you may very well think of ditsy supermodels that strut around in thousand dollar name brand pieces of fabric. Or you could think of movies like Confessions of a Shopaholic, The September Issue, Coco Before Chanel, or The Devil Wears Prada. But what you most likely don't think of is an art, a career, a passion, or a lifestyle. Fashion can promote creativity, that it is very important in culture, society, and religion, and it can make you look and feel more professional.

So, I know that you may think that fashion is not important. That people should find other ways to be creative, like joining an art class, or getting into photography. Maybe you think that nowadays the clothing choices are just not all that great, and I agree with you in part. Or you could think that if people want to be religious then they can practice their religion just as long as they are in their own home, or a place of worship. You might think that kids shouldn’t be exposed to other cultures besides theirs. Maybe you think that you can look professional without making a big deal about it. And trust me all of these reasons are completely valid and you have the right to think this way. But in this case the pros outnumber the cons.

First off, fashion can make you more creative in your everyday life. Of course you’re wondering how fashion could possibly improve someone’s creativity. But if you really think about it, when you are getting dressed in the morning what goes through your mind? No matter what it is it's probably pretty creative and you most likely put some thought into it. No matter if you are trying to look like the most popular kids in your school or if you are trying to look like your favorite celebrity. Now if we we were more creative with everything that we do including the way that we dress it could makes us more creative in school/work. What I have found is that people feel extremely happy when they create something that they like and ends up a success. For example if someone was getting dressed and they decided to wear an outfit that they had never worn before and people complimented them on it they would be happy and self confident. Once people understand that it is okay that your clothes look different from other people's and they start to enjoy looking different and/or having a "signature" style they will become a lot less stressed about how they look and won't feel as much pressure to look like everyone else. Of course it will also really give people a lot of self confidence, which is always a good thing. For all of these reasons fashion can promote creativity in everyday life.

In addition, fashion is important in culture and religions. When I say that fashion is important to culture and religion you may ask how? How is something so superficial as fashion important to any religion or culture? But when you take the time to look, fashion is everywhere in religions and cultures. For example, Muslim women cover their faces with head scarves. That could definitely be classified as a “fashion statement,” because it is taking the way that you dress and using it for a purpose. If people were to dress in clothes from their religion more often it could possibly create stronger faith in religion and less people feeling like it is odd to wear things like that. It would create stronger faiths because if people were to dress according to their religion it would be a daily reminder of their faith. And as you have probably noticed people tend to do what they see others doing. So this could catch on quite easily. It would show kids that it is okay to be different from everyone else. If a bunch of their friends has some sort of religious clothing item and wore it then the kid would most likely think that if it were okay for his friend to be different than it is okay for him to be different as well. It could quite possibly make people more interested in other cultures. If someone saw an article of clothing that one person was wearing and thought that it was interesting than that person might want to do a bit of research on that culture and find out what it was for. When I say that it is important in culture I don’t just mean a culture from another country, but I also meant how society develops in the United States. Before women worked there weren’t many women’s dress suits. Most of the clothing for women has changed drastically because of the professions that some women choose nowadays. Most women’s clothing way back when was just fit for house work, grocery shopping, or taking care of kids. Now that some women work more clothes have changed to make them more professional looking and to make it easier for them to work in.

Last but not least fashion can make you look and feel more professional. If you are wearing something that makes you look more professional to a job interview they are more likely to take you seriously and consider you for the job. If people see you and think that you are professional, well kept, and put together than they are more likely to be nice to you. When someone thinks highly of you than someone who thinks that you’re not that great of a person. You will also feel better about yourself and feel like you are professional; therefore you will do better in your work.

In finality, fashion is important because it can make you more creative, it is important in culture and religion, and it makes you look and feel more professional. There are many reasons why this is a completely valid point. I have shown you many facts, and explain it all. Let's face it, regardless of your doubts fashion is important.

Eight Jewelry Pieces That Are a Must for Every Woman

Eight Jewelry Pieces That Are a Must for Every Woman

You may have your own style and your own favorite pair of earrings, but there are a few staples that you simply can’t live without. Whether you are a stay at home mom of three or a corporate professional, you’ve got to have a few pieces to fall back on when inspiration fails you. Accessories and jewelry complete any outfit, and you’re likely to have days where you just don’t know what to wear. With these staple pieces, you’ll always have a way to finish off your outfit and feel like a million bucks.

Studs may not make a huge fashion statement, but they are known for their versatility and ability to complete any look. Choose studs in different shapes like pyramids, bars, hearts, or stars. When you pop in your studs, choose a necklace or bracelets that are your focal pieces, and allow your earrings to take a backseat for a day.

Use a turquoise necklace to make a simple white t-shirt look dressy, or transform your favorite print dress into a completely different exotic piece. Just a tiny bit of turquoise can make a huge difference in any outfit. Turquoise can bring charm and ease into any style.

Pearl Strands

Any woman can pull off ladylike with this sophisticated, classic piece of jewelry. Choose a strand of pearls that is neither too long nor too short, and one that can work well on its own. Try pairing your strand of pearls with a simple, elegant black dress, and watch how quickly you feel like a lady.

Metallic Cuffs

Metallic cuffs can never be too big or too bold. Add a cuff or two to any outfit to make you feel like a superhero. Pair them with something sleek in your wardrobe like a pencil skirt or a longer sheath dress.

Gentleman’s Watch

Need something to keep you punctual and stylish at the same time? Try a menswear-inspired watch to add a little contrast to all your girly jewelry. Choose a watch with a bigger face and a strap that is either leather or metallic.

Metallic Hoop Earrings

A simple pair of hoops can add interest to any outfit, particularly if your hair is pulled off your face. Choose a thinner hoop to make you feel both feminine and festive, and try to stay smaller than the size of a silver dollar.


Pick up a vintage inspired locket to add interest and character to every outfit. Wear it with jeans and a casual T-shirt or with a modern dress to add a classic look. You can’t go wrong with this simple piece of jewelry.

Right Ring

If you wear important pieces of jewelry on your left hand (like your wedding ring) add a stackable, oversized, colorful ring to your right hand to give you something playful on your hands. Wear it on your middle finger or pointer for maximum impact. Leave your left hand for the serious business, while your right hand is open for play.

Simplify the Complicated

Fashion can be complicated, and you may feel out in left field if you don’t naturally have the knack. Fortunately, jewelry doesn’t have to add to the stress of picking out an outfit with these easy picks.

The Biggest Weddings of 2013 / Planning Your Wedding

The Biggest Weddings of 2013

Weddings can be wonderful, happy occasions that bring together family and friends. Many couples want to make the occasion as memorable as possible. Couples will plan everything to the last detail. The rings. The flowers. The venue. The dresses. With the internet at our disposal, it is a pretty cut and dry process. Couples are able to check things off a list and in the end they are left with a fantastic wedding. However, for some brides and grooms that translates to the bigger and more extravagant the wedding the better.

Nisansala and Nalin

A Sri Lankan couple now holds the Guinness World Record for the most bridesmaids in a wedding party. Their November 8th nuptials featured 126 bridesmaids; the previous record was held by a Thai couple whose wedding had 96 bridesmaids. In addition to the 126 bridesmaids, there were 25 best men, 20 page boys, and 23 flower girls all dressed in lavishly embroidered traditional outfits of purple and gold. The bride’s sister, Champi Siriwardana, is one of Sri Lanka’s top dress designers and wedding planners, and was integral to organizing the celebration. The guests included hundreds of family and friends, and Sri Lankan First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa, who was the guest of honor. Siriwardana received an award from a Guinness World Records official during the event acknowledging her accomplishment.

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

Another one of the largest weddings of 2013 was the marriage of NBA great Michael Jordan and Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto. The couple met in 2008 and got engaged in 2011. The event took place on April 27th in Palm Beach, Florida. The ceremony was held at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, which was also the location of Donald Trump’s extravagant 2005 wedding to Melania Knauss. Jordan and Prieto hosted a reception for 2,000 at the Bears Club, where His Airness recently constructed a 38,000 square foot mansion, after they officially tied the knot. It featured a 40,000 square foot tent decorated with crystal candelabras, thousands of candles, white roses, peonies and tulips. The white rum wedding cake was adorned with crystal brooches. Guests included fellow basketball players Scottie Pippen and Patrick Ewing, famed golfer Tiger Woods, and movie director Spike Lee. Robin Thick, Usher, and K’Jon provided musical entertainment. The entire event was believed to cost $10 million.

Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas

Another wedding of 2013 with a very large budget was the June 1st nuptials of billionaire and Facebook Founding President Sean Parker and singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas. The couple is passionate about old growth forests and their outdoor wedding and reception took place beneath the colossal 500 year old redwoods of Big Sur in northern California. A Tolkien-esque outfit was created for each of the 364 guests by Ngila Dickson, the New Zealand costume designer who won a 2004 Academy Award for Lord of the Rings. Parker personally oversaw preparation of the site for the celebration, which supposedly cost $4.5 million alone. He organized a stunning and mystical array of planted flowers complete with vibrant garlands that adorned the base of the trees. Set designers were hired to create a ravaged stone castle, an immense Celtic cross, and pair of ruined Roman columns that were placed on either side of the altar under the biggest tree. At the reception, the newlyweds enjoyed the wedding feast from their 10 foot high throne.

It would be hard to top any of these over-the-top weddings, but there is probably a couple out there who will do their best to try.

Choosing a Quinceanera Style

Choosing a Quinceanera Style

Quinceanera is an important celebration in the Hispanic cultural. It marks the passage of young girls into their womanhood on their 15th birthday. The celebration gives thanks to God for his blessings and highlights family, friends, music, food and dance. A Quinceanera is similar to the American tradition of the Sweet Sixteen, and many merged families decide to unite their Hispanic and American heritage by combining the two parties together. No matter how you decide to celebrate, the dress is arguably one of the most important elements in the celebration.

When looking for cute Quinceanera dresses to wear, you should consider your body type. The truth is, not all dresses look good on all body types. Choose a dress that you feel comfortable in and that also compliments your body. A gown with a puffy tulle skirt will create volume below your waist, while an A-line dress looks best on a narrow silhouette. If you choose a backless dress, make sure it is either strapless or has thin straps.

White and pastel colored gowns with elaborate details and sequins where once the customary dress worn for the Quinceanera. This isn’t always a hard and fast rule, and the dress can have just about any style and color. In fact, black is not an uncommon color option for the dress and can actually create a more elegant and grown-up feel. However, the color of the dress should influence the colors of the invitation, decorations, flowers and cake.

Jewelry is a major accessory that should complement the dress, making it look complete. Necklaces, earrings and tiaras are often worn during the Quinceanera. If the dress is colorful, choose accessories that are subdued shades. If the dress is white or a lighter color, choose more colorful accessories.

The hairstyle is another important part of the entire outfit. Your style must flow from the top to the bottom to create the complete look. The complete ensemble should make you stand out from the crowd. No matter what, the dress should reflex your style and taste, and be an extension of the young woman of the hour.

Neck Handkerchiefs

Practical and Fashionable!

There is a new fashion trend spreading across North America - and you can blame global warming.

Neck handkerchiefs.

It is very simple.

Neck handkerchiefs keep the sun off your neck, preventing a sunburn. Thanks to global warming, and higher number of days per year with record heat, your chances of a sunburn has gone up dramatically in the last couple of years. So to prevent that you need to either wear turtlenecks (which is impractical in the heat) or you can wear neck handkerchiefs and join the fashion savvy men and women who are already doing so.

Another thing to do, if you are super hot, is to dip the handkerchief in cold water, wring it out and then wrap it around your neck. Keeps your neck nice and cool.

Or do what I do, take 3 ice cubes, wrap them up in the handkerchief and then place so the ice cubes are at the back of your neck and as they melt they drip down your back, making a great cooling sensation. It is amazing! Works well at the beach too.

And the beauty is that this fashion trend works for both men and women, so we can both enjoy the benefits of no sunburns and a quick way to cool down.

You are basically just treating it like a really small scarf that can be dipped in cold water whenever you want. Smart and cool. Literally cool.

Black Suspenders for the Working Man - Or Woman!

I love shopping in menswear regularly. You find the greatest things sometimes.

Behold, Black Suspenders for the Working Man... But I think they would look great on me too. So I bought them.

I find they really accentuate whatever shirt I am wearing, drawing more attention to the shirt.

And they're practical, so yeah! Good for men and women!

And they're a great alternative to wearing a belt.

Camo Batman Baseball Hat

Not sure what hat to buy your man? Or your teenager?

You really cannot go wrong with a camouflage Batman hat. Camo + Batman = Awesomeness.

Sarongs for the Summer

Best ways to wear a sarong this summer

There are many clever and attractive ways to wear a sarong, and this versatility is one of the reasons that these garments are the season's best purchase for consumers to make. These airy and gauzy products go from the office to the beach, the club to the grocery store. With so many unique ways to wrap and tie a sarong, these will become virtually whatever the wearer wants them to.

Nobody wants to have their sarong come untied or constantly struggle with keeping it secure, however. Many vendors and retailers that sell quality sarongs also carry some must-have gadgets that cost very little: sarong ties. These ingenious little fasteners allow wearers to secure their sarong through the holes of the clip, keeping it safely and consistently in place. This brings a bit of comfort and peace of mind to those wearing sarongs as dresses, halters or shifts, when it might be embarrassing or worrisome to risk a wardrobe malfunction!

These ties are actually small discs with perfectly-sized holes and many feature a bit of a concave shape that rests nicely on a hip or shoulder. The colors and styles are vast, and there is something for anyone looking for an attractive way to accent their sarong while also increasing the potential for wearing it. Some ties found online feature iridescent facades, while others feature whimsical shapes in bright colors. Whatever the buyer's personal preference, it is really the best investment to purchase these simple fixtures- often found below five dollars- to augment their existing sarongs, as well as any exciting new sarongs that they may be buying later on.

These clips are an excellent gift too. While wearing these ties with a sarong is pragmatic, these can also be used with a shawl, scarf, or tie to create a unique look. It is definitely worthwhile to have at least one great sarong tie in a jewelry box or closet to pull out and secure apparel, accessories, and sarongs to construct and create the perfect look for any and all occasions. Buy a couple extra to share with friends or coworkers. These are an excellent solution to a "secret santa" or a gift swap that often has a spending limit set for the participants. While it might be challenging to find a gift that others will truly like, anyone who has ever tried to tie and experiment with a sarong will love the new options and potential that these clever ties provide.

Finding top quality jewelry in big cities

Tips for finding fine gems in the city

When looking at fine gems and jewelry in metropolitan areas, it makes sense to buy from sellers that stand behind their products. Investing in high-end pieces should involve some degree of authentication when not making purchases from revered jewelers or retail venues, and many buyers may want to enlist assistance from area diamond experts to ensure they are getting what they are paying for.

Perhaps the most popular gem among consumers are diamonds. When looking at diamonds NYC is a city with much to offer potential buyers. There are gifted artisans, jewelers, and craftsmen that will provide unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry items to really showcase the stone and sparkle. Some vendors may offer unique faceting or unusual settings for the stones, to make their products stand out above the rest.

There is an irresistibly brilliant diamond offered in some retail venues that implement faceting beyond what is typically found in a round, cut diamond. The 90 faceted cut ensures a stone that is brighter and more sparkly than others, and that result in a clear, white stone suitable for settings of all types. Most diamonds are faceted using fewer cuts, which is what gives the stone dimension and depth. This enhanced facet lends to a distinctive shimmer and stone that reflects more light and seems to dance right before the buyer's eyes.

In addition to the facet of the stone, cut also describes the shape or style of the piece. The cut can enhance or impede the setting, so it is important to pay attention to diamonds that are amplifying the attributes of the piece or that seem to change the color of the stone itself.

The color of the diamond is something else to consider. Clear, white stones were always considered the benchmark of a quality stone, however there are some new colored diamonds that are inching their way to surpass the demand and price of these more conventional rocks. For example, there are some vibrant blue, red, and pink diamonds that are considered more valuable and that are priced higher than comparable white diamonds. Be sure that the vendor supports the natural color of the stone and that it is, in fact, a true diamond before making a purchase.

Is Handcrafted Jewelry Right For You?

Is Handcrafted Jewelry Right For You?

Mass-produced jewelry is not as popular as it used to be, and many people find that handmade pieces fit their style and budget better than jewelry from large retailers. People love this trend; handcrafted jewelry makers are seeing an explosion in sales. Like silver jewelry and precious stones, handcrafted pieces will never go out of style.

Why Are So Many People Making The Switch?

Makes A Great Gift

Handmade pieces are very distinct; there are no two pieces that look exactly the same. Since it's impossible to buy duplicate pieces, many people find that handmade jewelry makes a perfect gift. When you're shopping for someone who has it all, you still have a chance to impress them with your originality and creativity. Look for handmade sets that include a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earring for a fantastic gift.


Handmade Latin American jewelry is appropriate for all occasions. If you need formal jewelry, you can buy a piece that goes great with your formal attire. Look for jewelry with a silver strand and small beads; this style complements almost all formal wear without detracting from your outfit.

For casual situations, you can wear something that is a little more flashy and bold. Bracelets, cuffs and necklaces with dangling beads will get you noticed quickly, and parties are the perfect place to wear this type of attire.


Every piece of handmade jewelry brings a unique look to your wardrobe. If you're tired of wearing pieces that all look the same, then you can make the switch to handmade pieces. There are tons of varieties and styles to choose from, so you never have to worry about running out of options. Every piece is handcrafted, so they all differ in size, shape and color.

It's Noticeable

No one notices store-bought jewelry; when you wear a mass-produced piece, you wear something that everyone else has. When you buy a handcrafted piece, people take notice because they've never seen anything like it.

Unique handmade pieces are easy to build an outfit around, so you'll end up wearing them much more than your other jewelry. Eventually, you'll notice that you barely ever take them off.

Handmade jewelry is an affordable option for people who are sick of expensive and derivative pieces. When you buy a handmade piece, you wear something that is unique and noticeable. Handmade pieces bring you the compliments, positive attention and versatility that regular jewelry can't.

Men's Nursing Scrubs

Many times, gentlemen who work in the nursing profession feel like they have no good options when it comes to clothing for work. Scrubs can tend to be feminine and not allow a guy to look his best. However, the mens scrubs offered at Dickies will allow a guy to look great and feel great work.

Gentlemen who work in the nursing profession have a right to feel masculine and look the part at the same time. This is especially true when guys work in emergency rooms or high-pressure situations. They need to have a chance to feel like the strong nurse that they are. Therefore, the scrubs for men that Dickies offers are the only real option when dressing for work.

Dickies produces the best scrubs for gentlemen in the industry. Not only are they rugged and masculine, but they are designed to hold up under the high-stress work that guys do everyday as nurses.

When shopping for scrubs for men, remember to search Dickies and see all the scrub options they have. Their scrubs are better-designed, durable, and professional for the work environment. Guys can feel like themselves when they dress for work at a hospital or any medical office.

Planning Your Wedding - Choosing the wedding rings, venue and dress

Choosing the wedding dress, the wedding rings and picking the venue for the wedding are three of the most difficult decisions you will need to make when getting married.

The wedding rings is partly a fashion issue, and also partly a measurement of dedication. If the rings are really cheap the chances are more likely that you and your betrothed aren't that serious about each other. If they are too expensive and the man is paying for it, it is rather like he is just buying your affection. (And maybe you should not be marrying a man who is either too cheap or too rich - because both are flakey when it comes to long term relationships.) Wedding rings should be expensive, yes, but they should not be ridiculously expensive.

Choosing the venue however could simply be a matter of architecture and decor. An outdoor wedding for example will typically be held in sumptuous gardens or even on the beach. Rare is the wedding that is held in the middle of the desert or in an asphalt parking lot. Price is less a factor for the location, it is more about sentimentality for the location. Often people get married at their parents' church, their local synagogue, at the family farm, where they first met, places that have special religious or memorable meaning to them. Choosing a wedding hall is a more modern convention, but an understandable one since the place comes ready-made with decorations and everything you expect to have at a wedding reception.

One of the biggest decisions a bride will make is the wedding dress itself. This is an area in which the bride gets to have as much fun and play with their options as they feel like. Typically the groom rarely sees the dress before the wedding itself.

From a fashion perspective there is a lot of room to experiment and make a truly unique wedding dress. Don't go for the same old boring wedding dress designs we've seen for decades. Find a dress designer with a vision of something unique.

Unique Earrings and Necklaces

Jewelry is about taking something shiny and making it yours. It is your way of saying 'Oooo shiny!' and then choosing to wear that piece of shiny stuff.

And the beauty of this principle is that ANYTHING (well almost anything) can be polished and made into something shiny.

Take marblewood for example. It is a dark wood with thick lines in it, similar to marble stone. But take it, cut a shape in it, polish it so it is super smooth, and voila, it is shiny and beautiful!

You could do that same thing with a random piece of wood you pick up and it would probably still look good, it just would not look amazing like marblewood does.

And this is why gold, silver, rubies, emeralds, diamonds and other gems are so valuable. And pearls, jade and other precious bits of shiny.

These days we make a lot of jewelry out of glass, like the Stud Earrings or the Turquoise Necklace shown below.

Such jewelry isn't even possible without glass in the correct shape. Oh yes, you could carve jade or other bits of more expensive gemstones into the right shape - but it would be extremely expensive and troublesome to make the gemstones those specific shapes.

Usually with gemstones they are cut to a generic shape and then set on a piece of jewelry. Like the shapes below. These shapes are commonly used to preserve the basic shape of the raw gem so the gem can be sold as it's largest cut size. Selling an uncut gem won't get the same value, and cutting down a larger gem into tinier pieces will deplete the overall value. It is more profitable to sell the gem at its largest size after being cut.

How to dress like a hoser, 4 Photos of Fashion Icon Peter Nygard

Here is an interesting topic for you if you like reading about celebrity fashion crimes.

How to dress like a hoser - while being a billionaire moron like Peter Nygard.

This is actually quite funny. You see Peter Nygard owns a women's fashion empire called Nygard International (don't buy from it, it is mostly sweatshop clothing) and lives in a James Bond mansion in the Bahamas complete with shark tanks and rumours of dead girls he fed to the sharks.

But in real life Peter Nygard doesn't really know how to dress himself.

Just look at the photos below and you realize that he really is clueless when it comes to men's fashion.

No shortage of arm candy here. Peter Nygard is renowned for his arm candy and treating women like prostitutes. But look at his hair up above? He looks like an aging rocker, and the clothes? He looks like he is trying to mix rugged jackets from the old west with foppish costumes and make it a tuxedo at the same time. And it has SHOULDER PADS, which suggests he is too fat and has weak shoulders. (George W. Bush also wore shoulder pads because he had weak shoulders.)

Yes, okay, it is the Bahamas. But do we really need to see his shaved hairless chest with saggy manboobs? Not sexy, not attractive, and what is that blurry thing on his left? Not sure, looks like stitching, but if it is meant to be a logo it is not well designed.

More arm candy. Except now he is wearing an armless shirt saying Nygard Cay 1. How much of a lame egotist do you have to be that you wear a shirt promoting your own home? The shirt reveals his saggy manboobs, his sagging gut and his skinny arms. Not attractive at all.

Below he has grey chest hair and saggy manboobs (and is a bit younger judging by his hair), but the wrinkles still show his age... but what the heck is that grey thing in the corner of his armpits? Is that there for a reason? Why does it need to be grey? He may own a fashion empire, but he is NOT a fashion designer. (And not much of a fashion icon either. Don't say this to his face however, he might feed you to the sharks.)

10 Fashionable Heart Rate Monitors for Exercising and Swimming

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Most often, these heart rate monitors are going to be used by people who need help tracking their fitness goals and understanding what their body will respond to. The person who is not sure how effective their workouts are is going to have to find something that is going to tell them what these workouts are doing and which ones are going to work the best. The best way for this to happen is to use a heart rate monitor or activity tracker that tells the user all of the things that they did that day, how many calories they burned and what that will entail against the diet that they had that day. Many of these trackers even allow people to keep their diets logged in the watch or monitor so that the activity for the entire diet and exercise regimen is cataloged. This makes it much easier to lose weight. However, this also brings everything into one place so that the user will not have to organize a lot of paperwork or numbers.

When the heart rate monitor or activity tracker does most of the work for the user, there is no reason for the user to do anything other than work out and use the information the heart rate monitor gives them to make decisions about how much they should be working out and what exercises they should be doing to make the most of their time at the gym or running. These heart rate monitors make life easy for everybody who wants to reach their fitness goals.

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